The blade with extreme speed for hard hitters

Strike Carbon

Grip Type
  • Construction

    Plywood: 3 ply wood + 2 ply fiber
    Fiber Material: Power Carbon
    Surface Wood: Hinoki
    Thickness: about 7.0mm



    - While keeping the conventional 3+2 combination of “Hinoki Carbon” which provides very high speed, ITC optimized its performance and feeling for modern table tennis.
    - “Power Carbon” is a traditional “woven” carbon fiber material. But, the thickness is reduced, and as a result it provides better feeling and more flexibility. (The same material is also being used for Premier XC.)
    - Variable feeling and performance : Feeling is hard and blade provides additional "kick" feeling when players attack with hard smash. Feeling becomes relatively soft when players attack with topspin.
    - The fastest blade in ITC range.


    - Very high speed and hard feeling.
    - Overall feeling is very hard, and the rebound of ball is very high. But, the feeling of surface is relatively soft for stability of topspin.
    - Higher ability of ball keeping when compared with conventional blades with similar construction.
    - More kick when compared with ITC Premier XC.


    Recommended players
    - Players who want very fast blade.



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