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High-tech blade which provides destructive power and soft feeling at the same time.


Radix Ultimate

Grip Type
  • Construction

    Plywood: 3 ply wood + 2 ply fiber
    Fiber Material: RedFlex Carbon
    Surface Wood: Hinoki
    Thickness: about 7.0mm


    - RedFlex Carbon : The combination of soft LCP fiber and elastic Carbon fiber. Laterally arranged LCP fiberabsorbs vibration and reduces hard feeling. Vertically arranged Carbon fiber provides high speed. SDLF(Structural Damping Loss Factor) is reduced by optimum structure of fiber, and as a result it provides veryhigh efficiency of energy during the process of deflection and restoration.

    - Think 3+2 construction which is based on that of Strike Carbon provides very high speed.

    - The combination of Hinoki top layer and RedFlex Carbon provides soft feeling and high power of topspin.



    - The same level of high speed as that of Strike Carbon. But, the feeling is much softer.

    - Good balance between ball keeping for topspin and high repulsion for hard hitting. Good for both ofpowerful topspin and smash.

    - Very destructive. But, at the same time very easy to use thanks to soft feeling.

    - Block is stable and comfortable.


    Recommended players
    - Players who want very high speed but don't want hard feeling.


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