Almighty blade equipped with high power of topspin and excellent controllability

Radix Express

  • Construction

    Plywood: 5 ply wood + 2 ply fiber (Fiber is placed directly under the top layer)
    Fiber Material: RedFlex Carbon
    Surface Wood: Hinoki
    Thickness: about 6.2mm


    - RedFlex Carbon : The combination of soft LCP fiber and elastic Carbon fiber. Laterally arranged LCP fiber
    absorbs vibration and reduces hard feeling. Vertically arranged Carbon fiber provides high speed. SDLF(Structural Damping Loss Factor) is reduced by optimum structure of fiber, and as a result it provides very
    high efficiency of energy during the process of deflection and restoration.
    - The combination of Hinoki top layer and RedFlex Carbon which is placed directly under top layer provides good feeling and high power of topspin.
    - The concept of this blade is a powerful but easy-to-use blade.



    - Clearer & more fomfortable feeling than many conventional blades with similar fiber and Koto surface.
    - Surface catches ball very well when topspin is performed. Ball draws dramatic arc.
    - Performing various table tennis technics is very easy. All-round play becomes very powerful.
    - Very precise ball placing.


    Recommended players
    - Players who pursuit the power of topspin and precise ball control at the same time.
    - Modern allround players who need more power of blade for poly ball.



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