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Revolutionary Carbon blade which provides destructive power and excellent control.

Premier XC

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  • Construction

    Plywood: 5 ply wood + 2 ply fiber (Fiber is placed between middle layer and center layer)
    Fiber Material : Power Carbon

    Surface Wood: Power Carbon
    Thickness: about 6.7mm



    - Conventional 5-ply or 7-ply “Hinoki” blades have been loved by         enthusiasts. But, those blades has not been
    generally accepted by usual players due to the lack of balance between rebound and speed. Actual rebound
    is relatively low, and the feeling of blade center is too hard. XQ is the solution for improvement.
    - Among 5 layers of plywood, Hinoki is applied to 4 layers – two top layers and two middle layers.
    Lightweight African wood is applide to center layer. Overall thickness is increased to 6.2mm for the improvement of rebound speed.
    - The result is higher speed and better feeling without the increase of weight.


    - Same level of speed as conventional “Hinoki Carbon” blades of 3+2 construction and 6.9~7.1mm thickness.
    But, the performance of topspin is much better.
    - The feeling of impact is transferred to hand very well.
    - Hard smash is more destructive than most of blades. But, the control of smash is excellent.
    - Powerful topspin from mid ~ long distance is easy.


    Recommended players
    - The players who want 5-ply wood blade with higher speed.
    - The players who want powerful but easy-to-use blade.


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