A bit softer version of Powercell RS which concentrates on spin and control

Powercell RS45

SKU: 0005
  • Concept

    -Extreme spin performance for top professional players.



    - Maximum Grip version of Hyper Grip top sheet.

    - Energy Cell Sponge for high level of integrated energy.

    - Super Tension for high catapult effect.

    - Top sheet is optimized for spin performance and ball control while keeping high speed.



    - A bit softer feeling than original Powercell RS improves ease of use.

    - Excellent ball keeping and extreme spin performance in all situations.

    - Very high and very sharp trajectory of topspin. Trajectory of topspin is longer than original RS.

    - Improved stability of block and counter topspin when compared with original RS.

    - Maximum spin is smaller than that of original RS. But, ordinary spin is same level as that of RS.


    Recommended players

    - All levels of players who play with topspin.

    - All levels and all styles of players who want to improve spin performance but don't like hard feeling.


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