New standard of 7 ply wood blade for power topspin strategy

Dynarc T7

  • Concept

    - New topspin blade for professional players.
    - Good feeling of all wood blade + Improved power from 5-ply wood blade of OFF- ~OFF class.
    - Based on traditional 7-ply construction. But, thickness is reduced to 5.9~6.0mm which is the same thickness as that of most 5-ply wood offensive blade.
    - Heat-treated Koto of top layer provides optimum feeling.



    - Clear but comfortable feeling. Optimum feeling = not too hard and not too soft.
    - Linear response on impact input. (Neutral hit response value means linear response.) So player can easily predict the result of impact. This is common characteristic with Dynarc T5.
    - Faster than most 5-ply blades of same thickness. This speed improvement is for poly ball.
    - Very easy to use when compared with thicker 7-ply wood blades.
    - Player can easily make heavy and fast topspin ball.


    Recommended players
    - Skilled (or professional) players whose main weapon is powerful topspin from both wings.
    - The players who has used 5-ply wood blades but demand higher speed for poly ball.


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