Lightweight Quad Fiber blade for modern all-round strategy


Dynarc Q3

  • Construction

    Plywood: 5 ply wood + 4 ply fiber
    Fiber Material: Glass Fiber & Carbon Fleece
    Surface Wood: Heat-treated Koto
    Thickness: about 5.5mm



    - Extreme control for allround strategy + High speed when it is needed.
    - Based on very thin construction of 5 ply wood. 5 ply wood is reinforced by 4 layers of fibers.
    - Outside “Glass Fiber” works as additional wood layer. It improves speed while keeping natural & soft feeling.
    - Inside “Carbon Fleece” reinforces the core of blade, and provides additional speed at the time of hard hitting.
    - Heat-treated Koto of top layer provides optimum feeling.



    - Speed is moderate. But, the speed is dramatically boosted when player hits with strong impact. Differently
    from Dynarc T7 or T5, the impact response is not linear. Hit response value is +6, and it means that strong
    impact results in much higher speed.
    - Feeling is very comfortable, but clear. Ball control is extremely easy.
    - Extremely easy to use. Especially block is very safe.
    - Players can use various TT technics very easily.


    Recommended players
    - All level of players who lay emphasis on safety and stability but don’t want low speed.
    - All-round players who want the all-round blade for poly ball.


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