Fast 7-ply wood blade for powerful topspin and hard smash

Challenge Speed

  • Construction

    Plywood: 7 ply wood
    Fiber Material:
    Surface Wood: Limba
    Thickness: about 6.7mm



    - Based on traditional 7-ply wood construction. Optimized for modern table tennis.
    - Overall thickness is reduced from 6.9~7.0mm to 6.5~6.7mm. As a result feeling is softer than traditional thick 7-ply blade, and balance between power and control has been enhanced.
    - Weight is not especially reduced. Average weight is 90 gram, which is optimum for skilled players who play with powerful topspin from both hands.



    - Better stability of topspin when compared with thicker 7ply construction.
    - Optimum feeling for poly ball. Not too hard and not too soft.
    - Player can easily make heavy topspin. But, fast hitting is also easy.
    - Optimum thickness increases the safety and precision of block.
    - Good combination with various kinds of rubbers.


    Recommended players
    - The players want to change blade from 5-ply wood to more powerful one for increasing the power of topspin.
    - The players who need power but don't like fiber blades.


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