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High-speed 5-ply wood blade for powerful topspin from both hands

Accelum 5

Grip Type
  • Construction

    Plywood: 5 ply wood
    Fiber Material:
    Surface Wood: Limba
    Thickness: about 6.2mm



    - Enhanced speed while keeping the natural feeling of typical 5-ply offensive blades.
    - A bit thicker than conventional typical 5-ply offensive blade.
    - Tanne wood is used as middle layer for enhancing speed and feeling. Top layer of Limba wood is also a bit thicker.
    - Standard 5-ply wood for poly ball.

    - Very high speed. As fast as fiber blades or thicker 7-ply blades.
    - Feeling is moderately harder than typical 5-ply blades. Softer than thicker 7-ply blades.
    - Powerful topspin from mid-distance can easily be performed. Ball control at close-to-table area is as easy as slower 5-ply wood blades.
    - Natural and comfortable feeling.


    Recommended players
    - The players who need more power but don't give up the natural and comfortable feeling of 5-ply wood.
    - All players who are searching for optimum blade for poly ball.


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